Keeping the freezer stocked is just one of the ways I make sure I have easy meal options at my fingertips when I need them. See the tips below for 5 freezer staples that make my life around meal time better.

I am not what you’d call a fancy cook. Sometimes feel like making something fancy to impress guests or sometimes just myself. Most of the time, I fall into the category of wanting tasty food, on the table when I’m ready for it, and fairly healthy and within my budget.  Super simple right? Hahaha.  Here are my freezer staples that have saved me more than once when I need an easy meal, quick.

  •  Pesto and/or tomato sauce

Sounds a bit weird, but the next time you make pesto or tomato sauce, double up your recipe, and freeze half of it. Then, you have a quick go-to sauce the next time you need to add a bit of flavor to your pasta, chicken or veggie bake.

If you want extra cool kid points: freeze it in an ice cube tray, and then once it’s frozen, pop the sauce cubes out of the tray and store in a ziplock bag in the freezer. Pre-portioned sauces are what all the cool kids are doing these days. 

  •  Leftovers

I love freezer friendly leftovers. ESPECIALLY for the meals that make a lot more than you anticipated, but you don’t want to throw out the rest because it was so good.

What do I do with the extras? I take individual sized portions and stick them in a freezer friendly container (ziplock bags work great for this), and add a date label. It is so convenient when you need a quick lunch or dinner solution, but haven’t been grocery shopping in a while. Grab one of those bad boys out of the freezer, defrost it and chow down.  It’s much easier than trying to defrost a huge chunk of lasagna only to cut one serving and go. 

When you look at it that way, of course, leftovers would be a freezer staple

  • Frozen veggies

Yup, I keep frozen veggies on hand. I like to have at least 2 different types available, but usually, I’ve got 3 different types of frozen veggies at any given time in the freezer.

Keep frozen veggies on your grocery list and keep an eye out for sales. That way you’ll always have a healthy option to add to whatever meal you’ve decided to make. Sure, they aren’t fresh veggies, but they’re sure a heck of a lot better than no veggies at all.

  • A healthier treat

Yes, I keep treats in my house. No, I don’t deny myself a treat when I really want it. My one trick is that I have to make it myself, and it has to be freezer friendly. Making it myself means that I’ll know exactly what’s in it (and know if it’s worth it or not to eat it when I’m ready) and freezing it keeps it fresher longer and also keeps me from eating the entire batch on my own. 

Need some freezer-friendly treat recipes? Hit google to search for your favorites or check out some of these links below for my favorites:

Chocolate almond butter cups

Strawberry banana ice cream

  •  Bacon

I try to keep at least one package of bacon in the freezer at all times. Is it a bit of an extravagance? Yes, but it’s also a quick easy way to add flavor to a dish. Plus, it takes less time to thaw out than beef or chicken.

I did list this one last, because, for me, it’s not an essential freezer staple. It is nice to have when I can afford it though.  If I run out of bacon in the freezer, it’s not the end of the world, and I will survive and still cook up something satisfying.

Tip: If you want little bits of bacon in your dish, take your bacon from the freezer, remove the packaging and chop it up while it’s still partially frozen. It’s easier to cut through since a lot of the greasy mess will still be frozen to the bacon.

Do you keep a stocked freezer? What are some of your favorite freezer staples? I’m always looking for new, clever ideas to make cooking and life in general easier. Feel free to share below in the comments!

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