So, you got sucked into a Law of Attraction woo woo conversation with that one crazy aunt at the family reunion.  It’s all good.  We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve tried using the Law of Attraction or are brand new, it can be tough to believe that everything you want is just waiting to manifest for you.  If you’ve tried it and haven’t gotten what you wanted or needed, then it can be very disheartening.   But, lots of people who try the Law of Attraction, manifesting and raising their vibrations, miss an important part of the process. This piece of the process is so important and so often missing or glossed over in discussions on raising your vibration and manifesting power.  It is the lynchpin in determining your success or failure with manifestation. It is actually the secret sauce of the entire Law of Attraction recipe.  And we’re gonna dive into it today. So you know what it is, what it looks like, how to use it in your life, and how to raise your vibrations and manifesting powers to astronomical levels.


What is it?

Taking Inspired Action


The key word here is “Inspired”.


Going through energy clearings, sound healings, chakra healing, etc can be exciting; but occasionally it can leave us with the feeling that there’s not anything left to do but wait.


If you’re anything like me, after going through these energy clearings, and chakra boosting you begin to feel energized. And also like you don’t want to mess up all the good energy you got from the clearing.


Not taking action can be the kiss of death for your dreams.


Knowing how to direct that energy so that it doesn’t drive you nuts is easier than you think.


Chances are during your chakra healing or energy clearing you began to receive greater clarity or had a fantastic idea that excites you for the future.


Taking inspired action, not just action for the sake of action, but action toward a goal will show the Universe that you not only know how to ask for things but also are prepared to receive them.


What does that even mean?


Well, it means, that you’re prepared to put in some legwork to get to your goal.  You don’t sit in a corner all alone crying to yourself that you’re never going to get that managerial position at work.


You show up and put in the work so that when the boss looks for someone to hire they hire you.


This same principle applies to any situation in your life.  No joke. Try it and see.


If you are able to apply consistent, inspired action to your life, the results you’re looking for will manifest.


What It Looks Like In Practice


Let’s take love life as an example.


What do you do when you find yourself single?  Or in an unfulfilling relationship?


Probably dwell a bit on the shitty parts of your relationship or lack thereof.


What if, go with me on this, you shifted your perception of the situation.  Shifting away from what you cannot control into what you can control. What would that look like?


Well, if you’re single, it might mean dusting off your dating profile and updating the information there so that the right people can find you.


If you’re in an unhappy relationship it might look like doing something small but meaningful for yourself so that you can show up for your partner in a way that is happy, healthy and aligned with what you want.


Taking the first steps toward change can bring to life the momentum and energy you need to keep going.


Now stay with me on this. The same principle applies to your career, school, and other relationships in your life.


If you’re in school getting a degree in a subject you love or changing careers or even climbing the corporate ladder you can take inspired action to achieve your dreams.

How do we do it? The same way as in the example.


By taking the first steps in the right direction.


Taking the required course that is a deep dive into a subject you’re really interested in.


Figuring out what your next move will be to make the final switch in careers.


Improving your speaking skills so you can nail the presentation at work on Friday and better position yourself for a promotion.


All these are inspired actions towards the goals we outlined above.


Are you beginning to see how inspired action is the key?


Without it where would we be in the examples we gave?


Unhappily single. Unhappily in a relationship. Not getting a degree. Staying in the job you hate, and definitely not getting that promotion at work.  


Sounds kinda shitty right?


Let’s make sure you know exactly how to implement inspired action into your manifesting powers and keep all those shitty feelings away.

How to Use It To Your Advantage:


Now that you know the secret to manifesting is taking inspired action, you need to know how to use that info to your best advantage.   What is the use of knowing what the secret is, if no one tells you how to use it, right? So how do you start implementing inspired action into your routine to get results like NOW?


Get Clarity


Inspired action works best when you have your purpose front and center in your mind.


Your purpose is a combination of your why, what interests you and what will bring about your ultimate goal.

Once you are clear on your purpose, you can move on to the next steps.


If you need a suggestion on how to gain clarity, try picking up a meditation practice.  You can start with about 10-20 minutes per day to begin to see shifts in your perspective.


Try implementing this for a week, and see how you feel. At the end of the week assess how you feel if you feel any clearer on your purpose and decide if you want to extend the meditation practice another week.


Even once you gain clarity on your purpose you can continue with the meditation practice if you choose to do so.


Meditation can be a great way to battle stress, anxiety and help you tackle any obstacles you encounter with calm confidence.


With that info alone, it’s worth making it a part of your daily routine no matter what you’re trying to manifest.

Make a Plan


I know, I know, all this talk about taking inspired action and the law of attraction may have you thinking you get to skip planning entirely, but you don’t.

A loose plan looks something like this:


“I plan to work for X amount of hours each day/week toward manifesting X goal in my life.  I will use X, X, and X tools to help me when I get stuck or need help. X is someone that I trust and can go to for encouragement and support.”


Having at least a loose plan for how you are going to go about getting what you want, is good.  It doesn’t have to be super detailed or anything, and it should not make you feel intimidated or scared.


The plan is there so that you have something to fall back on that feeds into your goal and helps you get into inspired action faster.


So, instead of breaking your goal down into minuscule chunks, settle for small but attainable goals and build a support plan around it.


Remember, the key to manifesting power is taking inspired actions towards what you want.  Part of manifesting is believing that what you want is coming to you. The other part is the actions you take to get there.


You will have to do some work.


Before you flop on the floor and throw a toddler-sized temper tantrum remember the end result.


So what if you have to do some work at a thing you probably love, at least on some level? If it ends with you feeling on top of the world from achieving a goal is it that big of a deal?


Didn’t think so.

Stay Consistent


It’s not enough to get started with taking action toward your goals, you have to stick with it.

This is where that loose plan comes in.  If you fill out each section with the information pertinent to you & your situation, you’ll be ahead of the game.


You’ll have to take actions some days when your energy is feeling low, or not at its peak.  You’ll have to take actions when you don’t feel well, get super busy and when you really want to rest.


If you can stick with your plan and keep taking consistent actions that bring you closer to your end goal, you are on the right track.


In fact, staying consistent is one of the best ways to make sure that your desires manifest quickly.


Begin tracking your progress and watch how your habits and behaviors towards your goals shift to support them.


You may not always feel up to the task of working towards your goals, but if you’re tracking your progress and it’s been a few days of consistent actions, it’s likely that your ego will come into play to support your pushing through one more day before skipping to do something else.


Protect Your Energy


Get into the habit of assessing your energy levels during the day.  If you find that you need encouragement, focus, or grounding before you get to work, make sure you get it.


Because as we all know, your vibration becomes your attraction point.  If you want to reach your goals you’ll need to find ways to bring you to a place of feeling gratitude, love, and excitement for the future.

Some of my favorite tools to help reset and protect your energy are below:





  • Journalling



  • Yoga & Pranayama


  • Drink a glass of water


  • Dab some essential oil blend on wrists


But this doesn’t have to be the end of the list.


These are just some ways that can get you into the right mindset to take inspired action.


One caveat for this though, make sure you set a limit to how much time you will spend getting your energy right.  I’d say anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour is about the top range for time spent each day on this.


Any more than that and you’re dabbling in procrastination territory and we’re not about that anymore.  We are manifesting, high vibing beings who are ready to live our dreams.


When we ask for something big from the Universe or God, there is a certain amount of faith that goes into that request. By making the request and then acting with inspiration on our sides we can increase the chances that the Universe will provide what we’ve asked for.


Instead of leaving everything up to chance, we can take action. Make a plan, stick to it, check in with our energy that we’re bringing to the table and ultimately bring us closer to achieving our big goals.


No matter what modality or system you follow for raising your vibration and manifesting your goals, you have to back up your request with action.


Without action, we are left sitting on the couch wondering where our million dollars is at and why it hasn’t been delivered into our bank accounts yet.


Go out there and get that million dollars!  Let the universe know you’re ready for it through your inspired actions.  You just might find that the goal of a million dollars was an overestimate, and you don’t need that much to get where you want to go.  Or you might find it’s just right.


What is one inspired action that you can take today, right now, that will bring you closer to the goal you want to manifest?

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